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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine has an outstanding track record and has helped professional athletes recover from what could have been career-ending injuries. Now, this advanced, minimally-invasive therapy is available to you.

Regenerative Medicine is the use of advanced techniques in the form of regenerative amniotic allograft cells to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. The therapies at the heart of Regenerative Medicine are minimally invasive and non-surgical. The goal of Regenerative Medicine is to shorten healing time, promote thorough healing, and regenerate damaged tissue through targeted treatments.

As recently as a few years ago, if you suffered from arthritis or sustained a major injury to a joint, you pretty much had only one option – surgery. You undertook the risks of infection and other surgical complications and were faced with a long, often agonizing, recovery.

Today, that is no longer the case.

The field of Regenerative Medicine is offering hope to thousands, alleviating their pain and allowing them to maintain an excellent quality of life.

Regenerative Amniotic Allograft Cells

This treatment uses your own regenerative amniotic allograft cells, easily harvested from your body so there is no risk of contamination from a donor. These are not embryonic stem cells but rather your own tissue.

When administered by a skilled and experienced physician, regenerative amniotic allograft cells can help with a variety of orthopedic problems. The procedure is largely painless. Adult regenerative amniotic allograft cells are associated with a number of growth factors that aid in healing damaged tissue. They help your body’s repair system to boost your recuperation – allowing you to heal more quickly and thoroughly. In fact, regenerative amniotic allograft cells injections can sometimes eliminate the need for costly and painful orthopedic surgeries!

Daily life takes a toll on our bodies. As we age, wear and tear build up over time – particularly on our joints and connective tissue. Sports, accidents, injuries, and disease can all contribute to joint dysfunction and pain. But regenerative amniotic allograft cells treatments can help regenerate these areas and “reverse the clock.”

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Another Regenerative Medicine option that uses your own tissue. A small amount of blood is withdrawn from your body and the platelets separated from the rest of your blood. After processing, this platelet-rich blood plasma is injected in the areas to be treated.

Platelet-rich plasma treatments are another Regenerative Medicine option and are similar to adult regenerative amniotic allograft cells therapy in many respects. Once again, the tissue used is your own. A small amount of blood is withdrawn from your body and the platelets – cells that aid in blood clotting and contain growth factors – are separated from the rest of your blood. After processing, this platelet-rich blood plasma is injected in the areas to be treated.

PRP contains anywhere from five to 40 times as many platelets as normal blood. These platelets and their associated growth factors stimulate your own cells to repair and/or regrow injured tissue. PRP therapy is well-suited to treat a host of problems such as muscle and tendon tears, joint capsule damage, and degenerative conditions.

PRP therapy does not require surgery. Side effects are minimal and the risk of infection, allergic reaction, or inflammation is very low. PRP treatments can provide you with a noticeable improvement in pain and mobility with just a few sessions.

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Regenerative medicine can accelerated healing and recovery from chronic injury and

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