Elbow Pain

Overuse or injury of the elbow joint can cause chronic and painful inflammation commonly known as tennis elbow. Of course, this condition is not limited to tennis players. Expensive surgery or months of physical therapy for tennis elbow can often be avoided with regenerative medicine treatments.

Regenerative Medicine vs. Surgery

The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis and it is a disease of overuse, meaning tennis elbow develops from repeating the same motions with your elbow too often. This can be caused by sports, your job, or even a hobby. Regardless of the cause, tennis elbow usually does not require surgery.
For those patients who don’t get better with non-surgical treatment, the traditional surgery for tennis elbow has been a debridement. This means the surgeon removes the diseased tissue from on and around your tendon. As you might guess, the recovery from this procedure can be extensive. You may be in a sling for up to two weeks after surgery. After that comes more pain with therapy and rehabilitation.
Regenerative Medicine has changed all this. Modern therapies can help you forgo surgical debridement and long recovery times. Instead, minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments allow you to recover quickly with minimal risks. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about potential regenerative amniotic allograft cells injections and PRP treatments for your elbow condition.