Dr. Amit Poonia M.D.

Dr Amit Poonia

Dr. Amit Poonia, M.D.

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Dr. Amit Poonia, MD

Dr. Amit Poonia, MD, is an exceptionally well-qualified physician by any measurement. He is both a practicing physician and the medical director of a combined total of nine different surgery centers, pain management centers, and anesthesia groups. He holds board certifications as an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist and is licensed to practice medicine in four states. Furthermore, Dr. Amit Poonia was chosen as chief resident during his residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center’s Department of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Amit Poonia also does not lack research experience. He has been involved in over a dozen research projects and presented these studies to peers and in textbooks and scientific and medical journals. Dr. Amit Poonia also regularly participates in clinical instruction and lectures in order to help educate other physicians and the general public.

A physician’s philosophy of medicine is integral to their patients and their practice.  Dr. Amit Poonia’s philosophy is based on teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration among a patient’s treatment team. He believes that healthcare providers work best when they work in concert to accurately diagnose a patient’s problem, find effective treatments, and provide maximum rehabilitation.

The treatments that Dr. Amit Poonia offers are invaluable for many of his patients. They include a variety of minimally invasive modalities, such as selective nerve root blocks, radiofrequency ablations, injections of major joints, spinal cord and pulse stimulation, and epidural steroid injections. These treatments are often an effective alternative to surgery and can help relieve pain and restore function.

Dr. Amit Poonia believes that no one should have to live with pain and dysfunction. As a physician, he genuinely cares for his patients and wants them to experience a good quality of life. He is always sure to apply all his education, experience, skill, and connections within the medical community toward the best patient outcomes. Dr. Poonia’s motto is “Live Life Pain-Free” and “Stop Hurting and Start Living.”