Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of Americans and is a frequent cause of sick days, debility, and poor quality of life. However, Regenerative Medicine may be able to help. Whether your back pain is in the low back, mid back, or your entire spine, Regenerative Medicine provides treatments, like regenerative amniotic allograft cells and prp therapy, that stimulate your body’s healing functions. This may allow you to forgo invasive surgery and start feeling better, faster.

Regenerative Medicine vs. Surgery

Decompressive operations are common surgical procedures for bulging or herniated discs and spinal arthritis. These include foraminotomy, laminectomy, and discectomy. Each of these procedures is very invasive and comes with a host of possible complications like infection, bleeding, neural injury, and anesthesia problems.
Furthermore, the recovery from these procedures is often prolonged and painful. Patients are rarely active sooner than four weeks after such a spinal operation and it can take greater than four months to fully recover. During this time, it is not at all uncommon to need narcotic pain medications to deal with the post-surgical pain.
Regenerative Medicine treatments lack many of these drawbacks. There is virtually no recovery time, no surgery, and no need for a hospital visit. The treatments are almost painless and have few risks associated with them.
Contact us today to see if PRP treatments or regenerative amniotic allograft cells injections can help you avoid risky surgery and reduce or eliminate your back pain.