Feet Pain

Achilles tendon ruptures and other ankle injuries can take you off your feet and may require several surgeries and long recuperation times. Delaying treatment can just make the problem worse. As you attempt to walk on an ankle afflicted by osteoarthritis or a tendon tear, you simply continue the cycle of pain and debility.

PRP treatments and regenerative amniotic allograft cells have been shown to be beneficial for ankle issues and have even been used by professional athletes. Best of all, these treatments are minimally invasive and do not require surgery.

Regenerative Medicine vs. Surgery

According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, it can take up to six weeks after a surgical Achilles tendon repair before you’re able to fully bear weight on that foot. That’s six weeks in a cast and/or crutches. PRP or regenerative amniotic allograft cells injections have no such limitations.
The situation is even worse for patients with ankle arthritis who undergo a surgical ankle fusion, also known as arthrodesis. In these cases, it may be 10-12 weeks before you can put your full weight on your ankle. Of course, it will be even longer before you’re back to running or even walking briskly.
Once again, Regenerative Medicine treatments offer a dramatically reduced recuperation time compared to an ankle fusion, no need for surgery or hospital admission, and little to no pain from treatment. Contact us today to learn more about these advanced therapies.