Hip Pain

As you age, your hip joints begin to show signs of wear. Arthritis and impeded blood flow can cause intense hip pain and impair your mobility. Unfortunately, many patients see surgery as the only option. Yet with the therapies offered by Regenerative Medicine, you may have a non-surgical solution.

Regenerative Medicine vs. Surgery

Hip replacement surgeries are all too common in the US. Unfortunately, they also come with many risks. Each year, American patients experience over 10,000 complications result from hip replacement procedures. Even if the operation goes exactly as planned, patients face months of recovery time and the possibility that their prosthetic hip will fail years down the road.
Regenerative Medicine offers an alternative. Using advanced, modern therapies, patients with hip arthritis and other issues are usually able to walk the same day as their treatment – without the need for surgery. Also, since Regenerative Medicine treatments are minimally invasive, they carry far fewer risks than surgery. Not to mention that pain levels are dramatically lower than those associated with surgery. Contact our patient advocate and we’ll begin the process of determining whether PRP or regenerative amniotic allograft cells injections can relieve your hip issues without the need for a hip replacement surgery.